Ikebana Flower Arrangement Exhibits

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Woodruff House
988 Bond St, Macon, GA
(478) 301-2715
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The Middle Georgia Chapter of Ikebana International has beautiful Ikebana Japanese Flower Arranging Exhibits in two locations for your enjoyment.

Woodruff House Mansion on Coleman Hill

  • March 20-28
  • Share in the beauty of the home and warmth and beauty of these arrangements
  • Admission $5.00 and hours are 9:30-4:30, no Sundays
  • Enjoy the amazing style, color, feeling and joy of these beautiful arrangements displayed for us.

Central City Park

  • Central City Park has the honor of displaying the creations of the Middle Georgia Chapter of Ikebana International in the Historic Round Building.
  • These arrangements are on exhibit March 20-29, from 11am-8 pm.

Ikebana aims not at bringing a finite piece of nature into the house, but rather at suggesting the whole of nature, by creating a link between the indoors and outdoors. This is why the arrangers are likely to use several different types of plants in a single arrangement, and to give prominence to leaves and flowerless branches as well as blossoms. Even when a single type of flower is used, an attempt is made to bring its full implications as a symbol of nature.

Learn more about Ikebana International here: http://bit.ly/1MlYYDW



Ikebana Flower Arrangement Exhibits