Ikebana Arrangements

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Central City ParkCentral City Park
Willie Smokey Glover Dr, Macon, GA
(478) 330-7050
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The Middle Georgia Chapter of Ikebana International will be presenting beautiful Japanese flower arrangement exhibits at the 2016 Festival. Visit Central City Park’s Cherry Treasures building to see these beautiful exhibits.

The exhibit will be open at Central City Park on the following dates:
Fridays (March 25 & April 1) | 11am-9pm
Saturdays (March 26 & April 2) | 10am-9pm
Sundays (March 27 & April 3) | 11am-8pm
Monday, March 28 – Thursday, March 31 | 11am-8pm

Ikebana aims not at bringing a finite piece of nature to Central City Park, but rather at suggesting the whole of nature, by creating a link between the indoors and outdoors. This is why the arrangers are likely to use several different types of plants in a single arrangement, and to give prominence to leaves and flowerless branches as well as blossoms. Even when a single type of flower is used, an attempt is made to bring its full implications as a symbol of nature.

Learn more about Ikebana International here: http://bit.ly/1MlYYDW



Ikebana Arrangements